Orange County is staying warm and sunny this week, with gusty winds kicking up in the Santa Ana Mountains on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

And inland temperatures could reach as high as 90 Tuesday.

Article Tab: Seal Beach at the San Gabriel River on Monday.
Seal Beach at the San Gabriel River on Monday.

The biggest factor is a high-pressure system off the coast pushing air flow into the region from the north and northwest.

But we should see some bouts of wind near the foothills from the northeast in coming days.

In the Santa Ana Mountains, Fremont Canyon saw gusts to 35 mph early Tuesday; gusts to 30 are possible Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service says.

Tuesday looks mostly sunny and 85 to 90 inland, 77 on the coast, with winds from the southwest to 15 mph in the afternoon.

Eastern winds could begin blowing overnight in the 15 to 20 mph range, and by Wednesday morning we could see potentially stronger gusts from the northeast.

The day will be otherwise sunny and 89 inland, 83 on the coast.

Thursday will be mostly sunny with inland highs of 81, 73 on the coast.

And Friday will start off with partly cloudy skies before turning sunny, with highs of 80 to 85 inland, 73 on the coast.

Saturday and Sunday will be both mostly sunny with inland highs of 82 to 87 Saturday, perhaps a degree less Sunday.

At the beach it will be 77 Saturday, 75 Sunday.

Monday should be sunny and 79 to 84 inland, 73 on the coast.