4th of july 
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Here is a thought I shared with my team and wanted to pass it on…


Real Confidence

Real Confidence comes not from boasting, but from listening and understanding. Real confidence comes from not taking all you can, but from giving the best you can.


Real Confidence comes from not ignoring your fears.  Rather, it comes from learning what those fears have to teach, and then moving ahead more fully prepared.


Real Confidence brings with it a level of effectiveness that cannot be imitated.  Real confidence has a momentum that is nearly impossible to deny.


Real Confidence comes not from trying to appear impressive.  Real Confidence comes from taking actions that lead to truly impressive results.


A small achievement brings with it the confidence to take your efforts to the next level.  And when that next level is reached, you’ll gain the confidence to go even higher.


In this way, Real Confidence is built, one stop at a time.  Build some for yourself, and see how very 
far it can take you!