Morning clouds, afternoon sun as O.C. cools

Orange County weather shifts into a cooler but still spring-like pattern Wednesday as morning clouds extend their inland reach, the National Weather Service says.

Inland highs should drop into the 70s over the next few days, though the afternoons should be mostly sunny through Saturday.

Article Tab: Laguna Beach on Tuesday.
Laguna Beach on Tuesday.
Wednesday night, thickening the marine layer and possibly adding patches of drizzle to the Thursday morning commute.

But Wednesday morning is just cloudy, breaking into mostly sunny skies later, with high temperatures of 73 to 78 inland, 69 on the coast.

Winds from the southwest could gust to 25 mph in the afternoon.

Then more clouds and fog, possibly accompanied by the first patches of drizzle, roll in overnight and hang around the next morning.

After that it’s mostly sunny skies again with highs of 70 to 75 inland, 68 on the coast.

Southern wind gusts again could hit 25 mph in the afternoon.

The cloudy-then-mostly-sunny pattern prevails Friday and Saturday. Expect inland highs of 72 to 77 Friday, 70 to 75 Saturday, with coastal highs of 68 Friday and perhaps a degree less Saturday.

The forecast is almost identical for Sunday and Monday, Memorial Day: cloudy, then partly cloudy, with inland highs of 72 to 77.

The beach high temperature should be about 67 degrees Sunday, inching up a degree or so for Monday.

Tuesday we’re back to a mostly cloudy morning and a mostly sunny afternoon. Temperatures could be slightly warmer: 74 to 79 inland, 69 on the coast.

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