Tuesday begins with another episode of potentially dense fog during part of the morning commute, the National Weather Service says.

Then it’s mostly sunny skies and inland highs in the mid-80s – a forecast that holds through the weekend.

Article Tab: Fog bank offshore at Doheny State Beach on Monday.
Fog bank offshore at Doheny State Beach on Monday.

Orange County could see highs tick up and down slightly, but the cloud-fog-sun pattern appears to be locked in.

Low-pressure air moving in along the coast should bend temperatures down a couple of degrees through Wednesday; highs could tick back up by about the same amount Thursday as high pressure returns, while more low pressure knocks those modest gains back down for the weekend.

For now, a deepening marine layer could bring fog thick enough in places to drop visibility below a quarter mile, prompting adense-fog advisory from the Weather Service through 9 a.m.

Higher points along the coast are most vulnerable, along with parts of I-5 in Orange County that are farther inland.

Then it will be mostly sunny, with highs of 82 to 87 inland, 72 on the coast.

After that, inland highs will weave a little but mostly stay steady: 80 to 85 Wednesday, 82 to 87 Thursday and Friday, 79 to 84 Saturday and 80 to 85 again Sunday.

Monday could see highs of 83 to 88 inland.

On the coast it will be a similar story of slight variation: 71 Wednesday, 70 to 75 Thursday, 72 Friday and back to 71 Saturday.

Sunday it will be 72 and perhaps 74 Monday.