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Sunrise over Huntington Harbour on Monday.

Orange County weather is about to make another dramatic reversal, from hot and windy to cool and possibly rainy by midweek, the National Weather Service says.

The shift is the work of the usual suspects: high-pressure air trading places with low pressure as winds turn back toward land from the ocean.


Monday remains fairly warm inland, with highs of 81 to 86; on the coast it’s about 74.

But the day should be partly cloudy as a weak low-pressure system moves in from the ocean, crossing Southern California by evening.

By Tuesday, a stronger low-pressure system moving down the coast should consolidate the shift in air flow, bringing gusty winds from the west for the mountains and deserts along with more substantial cooling.

Tuesday will start off with some clouds and fog, then remain partly cloudy, with highs of 71 to 76 inland, 67 on the coast.

And Tuesday night will bring a slight chance of rain, turning into a 70 percent chance Wednesday, though rain totals will likely reach only two-tenths of an inch or so for most of Orange County.

Wednesday will begin with cloudy skies and stay that way, rain or no, with highs of 62 to 67 and winds from the south at 15 mph by afternoon.

A chance of rain will continue into Wednesday night.

On Thursday we will awaken to mostly cloudy skies, turning partly cloudy later, with highs of 65 to 70.

Then air flow will shift around again, pushing down from the northwest Friday through Saturday to bring warmer, drier conditions.

Inland highs should be 72 to 77 Friday, 75 to 80 Saturday and 76 to 81 Sunday.

On the coast it will be 69 Friday, 71 Saturday and 72 Sunday, with mostly sunny skies all three days.