Orange County’s inland highs could again soar past the century mark Thursday, while the heat continues to be wrapped in monsoon moisture.

The pattern likely means muggy conditions through Saturday, the National Weather Servicesays. And even with a modest cooling trend expected to begin by Sunday, thunderstorms will remain a threat over mountains and deserts farther inland.

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For now, monsoon moisture continues to flow into the region from the south around the edge of a high-pressure air system centered over Colorado. The combination is pushing temperatures five to fifteen degrees above normal, with higher-than-normal humidity.

Temperatures in Orange County inland areas such as Fullerton reached as high as 102 Wednesday, and some could see 104 Thursday, the Weather Service says.

A thin marine layer will keep coastal temperatures slightly lower but still warm at 79 to 84.

Mostly sunny skies prevail, and that goes for Friday as well, when inland highs should be 98 to 103. Coastal highs should be about the same as Thursday’s.

Saturday and Sunday could start to shave a few degrees off the highs: 93 to 98 inland Saturday, 91 to 96 Sunday, with the beaches around 75 to 80 Saturday and 77 Sunday.

Both days will be mostly sunny.

The return of low pressure along the coast is expected to bring further cooling next week. And patchy morning fog will return, along with partly cloudy skies, which will last all day Monday but yield to mostly sunny afternoons Tuesday and Wednesday.

Inland highs should be 86 to 91 Monday, 83 to 88 Tuesday and 84 to 89 Wednesday.

On the coast it will be 72 to 77 Monday, 71 to 76 Tuesday and 74 Wednesday.