The cooling trend that brought relief from last week’s scorching temperatures begins to reverse itself Thursday, with Orange County’s inland highs making a steady climb toward the mid-90s by the weekend, the National Weather Service says


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This time, however, drier air over the region means the heat won’t be muggy. And we could cool down a bit next week.

For now, high-pressure air moving in from the ocean is chasing off low pressure centered over Utah and Nevada, squashing the coastal marine layer and warming things up.

Thursday starts with partly cloudy skies, then turns mostly sunny, with highs of 84 to 89 inland and 73 on the coast.

Winds from the west could rise to 15 mph in the afternoon.

Friday will be partly cloudy with patchy fog, then sunny, as inland highs tick up into the 88 to 93 range.

The pattern will be the same Saturday as the highs push higher: 90 to 95 inland, 75 to 80 on the coast.

Sunday’s temperatures will be about the same, but it will be mostly sunny all day, with high pressure driving off morning clouds.

Monday we should be back to partly cloudy skies in the morning with patchy fog, giving way to sunny skies. And it should be slightly cooler at 87 to 92 inland, 73 to 78 on the coast.

Then more low pressure could arrive over the West, though forecasters are uncertain.

For the moment, they’re calling for mostly cloudy skies and patchy fog Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, yielding to mostly sunny skies Tuesday and just plain sunny skies Wednesday.

Inland highs could be 85 to 90 Tuesday, 83 to 88 Wednesday.

The coast should stay in the mid-70s.