Spooky Stats: The Trulia Housing Scare Report

Would living next to a graveyard give you chills? Would you rather move in with a girlfriend or a ghoul friend? What about if a poltergeist was wreaking havoc on your home — how much would you pay to exorcise the demons?

In honor of All Hallows’ Eve, Trulia conducted a survey* of prospective homebuyers to find out if, among other creepy questions, sharing square footage with Casper would frighten them off a for-sale home. Turns out, most house hunters are more afraid of clutter or living near a highway than they are of going to sleep at night in a former crime scene. And they’re just as horrified by bad wallpaper (12%) as they are by living at a hellish address that includes “666″ (just a devilish 13%).


40% of respondents said that they’d prefer to be haunted by a vengeful ghost. (We’d prefer Casper; after all, he is a friendly ghost.) But we were slightly surprised that being haunted by a possessed doll or an evil leprechaun were nearly tied at 26% and 23% respectively. Clearly, these home seekers aren’t horror movie buffs — otherwise they’d know that a possessed doll isn’t Child’s Play.

So whether you’re one of the 18% who would pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 dollars to have an expert exorcise your haunted home, or one of the 54% who said living near a graveyard wouldn’t kill the deal on an otherwise perfect property, we have just one question: