In a telephoto view from Bayport Street in Garden Grove, Tuesday’s rising sun blasted light through spaces in the Christ Cathedral bell tower.

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A slow cooling trend will drop Orange County highs into the 70s by midweek, the National Weather Service says, with overnight drizzle possible Wednesday.

Then the weather pattern does an about-face as highs climb back into the 90s and dry winds turn toward the ocean, likely increasing the risk of wildfire for the weekend.

For the time being, however, it’s all about morning fog and increasing low-pressure air off the coast.

The Weather Service posted a dense-fog advisory through 9 a.m. for areas as far as 10 miles inland, with visibility dropping below a quarter of a mile in places.

After that it’s mostly sunny and 79 to 84 inland, 72 on the coast.

On Wednesday and Thursday the cooling will take hold as the coastal low-pressure system deepens.

Wednesday will go from cloudy to mostly sunny and 74 to 79 inland, 69 on the coast.

Patchy fog will move in overnight, perhaps along with some patchy drizzle that lingers into the morning.

Thursday otherwise will start out with cloudy skies and patchy fog before turning mostly sunny.

After that, high pressure over Oregon as well as Nevada and, later, Utah, should begin pushing dry, gusty winds through the mountains and toward the ocean.

The Santa Ana Mountains as well as San Bernardino and Riverside counties could see winds in the 15 to 30 mph range, and perhaps higher, as the classic Santa Ana-wind pattern kicks in.

The winds and low humidities will likely raise wildfire risk, forecasters say.

Friday will be partly cloudy in the morning with patchy fog, then sunny, with highs of 88 inland and 77 on the coast.

And Saturday and Sunday will both be sunny as inland highs crank up into the 89 to 94 range Saturday, 87 to 92 Sunday.

On the coast, it will be about 81 both days.

Monday will be mostly sunny with highs of 83 to 88 inland, 76 on the coast, as winds diminish but dry and warm conditions persist.