NEWPORT BEACH – One of the largest boats to enter Newport Harbor has arrived in the form of the 216-foot Invictus – a brand new megayacht constructed at Delta Marine’s shipyard in Washington state – that has made its way to Southern California for its christening ceremony.

The vessel on Friday navigated its way from the harbor entrance to the Lido turning basin in about an hour, using a 6:50 p.m. high tide to traverse the shallow portions of the bay, keeping the vessel and its 13-foot draft from touching the harbor floor.

Article Tab: The Megayacht Invictus, owned by  Los Angeles developer Robert J. Caruso enters Newport Harbor.
The Megayacht Invictus, owned by Los Angeles developer Robert J. Caruso enters Newport Harbor.

Owned by Los Angeles developer Rick J. Caruso, Invictus is roughly 80 feet longer than the largest charter vessels in the harbor, and required a special mooring site in the harbor since it was too big for any of the harbor’s dock areas.

The Newport Beach Harbor Commission gave its blessing at its Aug. 14 meeting, and final approval came from the city’s Harbor Resources manager Chris Miller, who granted both Invictus and the 130-foot yacht Marama temporary mooring privileges in the harbor. Commissioner Brad Avery said the approval to grant a boat of Invictus’ size into the harbor will act as a “trial run” for Newport Beach as a potential megayacht stopover.

“We’re a world-class harbor,” Avery said. “We have a strong boating community and what better way to signal that then by welcoming the latest and greatest vessel from an American shipyard.”

The Invictus is scheduled to be in the harbor a total of 16 days over the course of a two-month period, and Marama is slated to arrive Sept. 25, staying for five days. However, the ships will not be allowed to moor in the harbor at the same time.

The turning basin will be further crowded by the Lido Boat Show, which temporarily moors more than 200 vessels on added dock space extending out into the harbor. While the show only runs from Sept. 26-29, dock construction began today, and will remain in the bay until a week after the show.