The Duke’s former Big Canyon property is on the market for just under $4 million.


The main room of a house that John Wayne once lived in at 14 Rue Grand Ducal in Newport Beach. The house is on the market for just under $4 million.

Duke's Palace

A residence formerly owned by John Wayne in the Big Canyon area of Newport Beach is for sale for nearly $4 million.

It underwent a major redesign recently, but several elements original to the time Wayne owned the property remained throughout the roughly 4,500-square-foot home, such as the dentil moldings in the high-ceilinged living room, the shelving in the former library and the door handles, plated in nickel silver, in the dining room.

When pieces of latticed, oak parquet wood flooring in the entryway were each removed to be refinished, the panels were numbered and then reinstalled on new sub flooring in the exact same pattern.

“It’s like a museum project,” said Carrie Williams, a spokeswoman for Villa Real Estate, which listed the home.

After its redesign, the three-bedroom home, at 14 Rue Grand Ducal, now blends modern and traditional characteristics. Classic marble, for example, has been used in new ways in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Windows in the back of the home reveal decorative fountains and comfortable outdoor seating areas. Beyond the 10,500-square-foot lot, the lush Big Canyon Country Club’s golf course can be seen.

Outside a window toward the front of the house, one can spot a more personal Wayne touch.

A statue of an eagle, once used as the basis for a table, stands guard.

“We love the Duke, but you can’t judge him for his eagles,” Williams said with a laugh.

Wayne owned in the home in the 1970s. It has been on the market since September.