Businessman Jack Staub gets the winning bid in a charity auction to support education. The meeting with the Oracle of Omaha comes after an all-you-can eat tour of See’s Candy factory.

NEWPORT BEACH – Engineer and businessman Jack Staub has won the chance to meet billionaire Warren Buffett after a tour of the See’s Candy factory in Los Angeles.

Staub’s $156,000 bid was the highest in a charity auction supporting Communities in Schools of Los Angeles, a dropout-prevention program for high school students. He will be joined by his wife Jade and their two kids on an all-you-can-eat tour of See’s Candy, which is owned by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The famed investor will “demonstrate the only acceptable way to eat a bonbon.”

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A Newport Beach businessman bid $156,000 to win the chance to meet with billionaire Warren Buffett.

“Jade and I were very impressed with Communities in Schools of Los Angeles and their focus on underserved kids,” said Staub, who made the donation to honor friend Kathy Godshalk, who died of cancer last year. “Kathy taught math at Cypress College and proved supporting our future generations through education, caring and guidance makes an enormous difference. We would like to keep the cycle going through this worthy cause.”

Other top auction packages included lunch with Disney CEO Bob Iger, golf with movie star Morgan Freeman and lunch at Whole Foods headquarters with the grocery chain’s CEO, John Mackey.

Though Buffett’s bonbon demonstration and meet-and-greet will be briefer than the lunches he auctions off each year, it also comes at a substantial discount. Sit-down dining with the Oracle of Omaha cost an anonymous investor $1 million in June.